Legal Services Verification of Identity (VOI)

What is VOI?

Verification of Identity (VOI) is a mandatory Lands Titles Office (LTO) policy requiring that all parties in LTO documents have done a face to face 100 point identification check in order to lodge documents with the LTO.

What does VOI mean for people?

They will need to do a face to face 100 point identification check if they want to transfer/register and interest in real property.

What Documents do Parties Need for the 100 Points?

There are many combinations of documents that client’s will have to provide. The less they have the more difficult it gets to perform the identification.

At the basic level clients will need to provide a passport and a drivers licence (and a change of name and marriage certificate if necessary). If they have one but do not have both a passport and drivers licence then they will also need their birth certificate and Medicare or Centrelink card.

When does VOI become Mandatory?

28 April 2014

See the most recent Notice from the LTO here.

Who does the VOI?

We do.

All parties must present themselves before a lawyer, licensed conveyancer or Authorised Deposit Taking institution who has Professional Indemnity Insurance and Fidelity Insurance of at least $1.5 million per claim.

Those who perform the VOI need to know the policy and have a system that properly records what has taken place.

Those using our verification service can be confident that we have the correct systems in place and we are happy to talk about our VOI register.

What does VOI cost?

$99 Inc. GST for a single person and $166 for two people being verified for the same transaction.

What can Agents and Conveyancers do about VOI to avoid delays?

When a contract is signed it is best to make the parties aware of the identification documents they will need to have ready in order to have their identity verified when signing their conveyancing documents.

If clients are using a conveyancer who is not in their local area then they will need to know that they will need to see someone locally to sign their documents. We can sign documents in most regions of South Australia.

How can we help?

We have offices in the North and South of our state covering one of the broadest regional areas of any law South Australian law firm.

Clients can be identified by us in:  Port Pirie,  Port Augusta,  Strathalbyn,  Victor Harbor,  Whyalla,  Adelaide.

We travel between our offices so remember that we can service surrounding areas to our office locations. We can often do this at a minimal additional cost: just ask us today.

Want to know more?

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