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Welcome to “Collaborative Family Law – Common Questions Answered,” where we aim to provide clear, comprehensive solutions to all your concerns, along with your next step to navigating family disputes with dignity and cooperation.

  • Understand the Process: Learn how collaborative family law can help you resolve disputes without the stress and confrontation of court battles.
  • Benefits for Your Family: Discover the advantages of a collaborative approach, including reduced emotional strain and more control over the outcomes for you and your children.
  • Professional Guidance: Get insights into how working with trained professionals can facilitate a smoother, more effective resolution process.

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Sebastian Hill
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Collaborative Law is a legal process that aims to resolve disputes outside of court, particularly in the context of family law, such as divorce and child custody issues. It is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that emphasizes cooperation, transparency, and mutual respect among parties, with the goal of reaching a mutually agreeable settlement.

In Collaborative Law, each party hires their own Lawyer who is trained in collaborative law practices. The parties and their attorneys sign a “participation agreement,” which typically includes a commitment to negotiate in good faith, openly exchange information, and use joint experts if needed (for example, financial planners or child psychologists). One of the key features of this agreement is that if the collaborative process breaks down and the case goes to court, the attorneys involved in the collaborative process must withdraw, and the parties must hire new Lawyers for litigation. This clause encourages everyone to remain committed to the collaborative process.

The process involves a series of four-way meetings between the parties and their Lawyers to discuss and negotiate the issues at hand. These meetings are designed to facilitate open communication and understanding, with the aim of resolving disputes in a way that meets the interests of both parties and any children involved.

Collaborative Law is particularly valued for its potential to reduce the emotional and financial costs of litigation, preserve relationships (especially important in family disputes involving children), and provide parties with more control over the outcome. It is also beneficial for creating customized solutions that might not be available in a court setting.

However, it requires a willingness to cooperate and compromise from all involved parties, and it may not be suitable for all disputes, especially those involving domestic violence or an imbalance of power.

The goal is to reach a settlement that respects the interests of both parties without the need for contentious court proceedings. As with collaborative law more broadly, if the collaborative process fails and the case proceeds to litigation, the original collaborative lawyers must withdraw from the case, and the parties must retain new lawyers for court representation.

This requirement underscores the commitment of all parties to try to resolve their issues through negotiation and cooperation rather than through litigation.

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At Boylan Lawyers, we specialise in working with separating families in a way that keeps them away from the courts and enables them to remain friends for the future.

This takes courage and is not for everyone, but divorce is one of the most challenging moments any of us can experience. After several decades in family law, we have come to learn that a long, expensive, and combative legal process is rarely good for anyone.

We also understand that the end of a relationship involves more than just legal aspects. That’s why our team of lawyers works alongside counselors and financial specialists to ensure that our clients receive the holistic support they need at this difficult time.

The collaborative approach is not for everyone but we work best if you are looking to untangle the legal aspects of your relationship with dignity and grace so that when the dust has settled, you can look back on this tricky time with some pride.

Choosing Boylan Lawyers for legal representation brings a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance a client’s comfort and confidence. One of the key differentiators is the firm’s notable industry recognition and awards, which serve as a testament to its excellence in the legal field. These accolades are not just symbols of prestige but reflect the firm’s commitment to providing high-quality legal services, staying abreast of legal advancements, and maintaining ethical standards.

Additionally, Boylan Lawyers prides itself on its team of highly qualified and experienced staff. Each lawyer, paralegal, and support staff member is carefully selected for their expertise, dedication to client care, and passion for justice. This ensures that clients receive personalized and effective legal guidance, tailored to their unique needs and circumstances.

Moreover, the firm’s reputation is further solidified by the numerous 5-star reviews from satisfied clients. These testimonials highlight the professionalism, empathy, and effectiveness with which Boylan Lawyers handle each case. Clients frequently commend the firm for its transparent communication, ability to demystify complex legal processes, and the personal attention they receive.

These reviews are a powerful indicator of the trust and confidence that clients place in Boylan Lawyers, making them a preferred choice for those seeking legal assistance. The firm understands the importance of client satisfaction and leverages this feedback to continually improve its services, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

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