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Legal Costs



Protecting your right means more that just precise legal advice and great service. It means working hard to be really cost-effective and avoid incurring unnecessary expense for you.

Our lawyers don't have 'billable targets'. That means they focus on helping you, not maximising the number of clients they see. We put people first.

As one of the most technologically innovative mid-sized law firms in Australia, our business operations are lean and efficient. This means you are not paying for our business overheads.

We invest in quality legal staff who have specialist expertise, broad experience and above all, they care about the client.

Our approach is to use our meeting time to provide sage advice, rather than gather information. Our systems enable you to provide relevant background detail before the meeting so that your lawyer is thoroughly prepared.

Some services are offered as fixed fee. All others services are charges at the rate set by the Supreme Court to ensure our costs are fair and just.


SCALE OF LEGAL COSTS (as at 1 November 2019)