What You Need To Know About Legal Costs


When it comes to legal costs what really matters is who is in the driver’s seat. Who is the person determining the cost and are they pressured to keep the costs high?

Our lawyer’s jobs are not dependent on how much they charge and we do not have billing targets so there is no evil pressure on our lawyers to “charge, charge, charge”. Our focus is on providing quality legal services which lawyers cannot do if they are under pressure to keep the cost high in order to keep their job.

We have developed systems and embraced technology to provide a better service at a lower cost. Since 2004 Boylan Lawyers have been a paperless law firm which has saved our clients thousands of dollars over the years.

We don’t charge like wounded bulls, we protect your rights and get you what is fair.

We charge by the rate set by the Supreme Court and this makes sure our charges are fair and just.