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Going through a Divorce is hard.

That’s why we’ll do your Divorce paperwork for FREE,

when you book your free initial Family Law consultation with us! *

Boylan Lawyers has a highly experienced Family Law team that will look after you.

Call our friendly client services officers to book your free initial Family Law consultation on 08 8632 2777.

Offer valid until 5pm, Friday 26th February 2021, and not in conjunction with any other offer.

* Terms & Conditions:

  •  Boylan Lawyers will not charge for providing legal services in relation to a divorce in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. This free service does not include rare cases where there is an argument before the Court in relation to a divorce (including where the divorce is opposed) and in those cases Boylan Lawyers will advise the anticipated legal costs that will be charged.


  •  Clients will be charged the applicable Court Filing Fee by the Court.  A list of the Court fees can be found here  Boylan Lawyers cannot file an application without the applicable fee being deposited into the Boylan Lawyers Trust Account in order for it to be paid to the Court.


  •  Clients will also be charged by a third party process server for serving the divorce papers on the other side (respondent). Process service charges can vary greatly depending on the type of application and the whereabouts or resistance of the respondent. Typically, service charges range between $200 and $400 however each circumstance is different. Please note that a joint application for divorce does not incur a service charge as both parties make the application (where parties are amicable and can work together).


  • The free divorce offer is only in relation to obtaining a divorce. It does not include legal services in relation to children and property matters. Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage and the only requirement for a divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage. This is supported by the husband and wife having been separated for 12 months with no likelihood of getting back together. To apply for a divorce, you or your husband or wife must have been separated for twelve (12) months and fit one of the following (1) being an Australian citizen, (2) live in Australia and, (3) regard Australia as your permanent home.