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From straightforward consent orders to complex taxation issues and conveyancing services, Boylan Lawyers have the experience and expertise to guide you through property settlement.

You deserve freedom and autonomy over your financial resources. When your marriage or de-facto relationship breaks down, ensure that you have specialist property settlement lawyers on your side. You deserve to walk away with what your rightly entitled to.

Trust our expert team of family lawyers to ensure you exit your divorce or separation with the right financial circumstances.


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Do you have questions about your direct financial contributions or the Family Law Act?

At Boylan Lawyers, our team of experienced lawyers commit to ensuring you feel supported, understood and respected. Our expertise will seamlessly guide you on the legal issues relevant to property settlement and family law. Our years of experience will help you find a clear path forward on all divorce property settlement matters.

Property Settlement Advice FAQs

How does Family Law and Property Settlement work?

When your assets, liabilities (debts), superannuation and other investments are divided during the divorce process, this is called a property settlement. Property settlements factor in the direct and indirect financial contributions (and non-financial contributions) of both parties and seek to split them fairly. The process takes into account a variety of factors, including the relationship with the former partner, future earning capacity and each parties property interests.

What is the timeline of a divorce property settlement?

If you have divorced from your husband/wife/partner, property settlement must occur within 12 months of the divorce going through. If you were in a de-facto relationship with your partner, the same settlement must occur two years after separation.

You do not have to wait for any period after you have separated to start the property settlement process through family law. If an agreement is reached promptly, you can finalise your settlement via an Application for Consent Orders, or a Binding Financial Agreement.

Failure to reach agreement of the property settlement within the 12 months for divorce or two years for de-facto can result in the need for a court application. If the process is delayed further, you risk losing the right to claim for property settlement or spousal maintenance.

If this information has raised any concerns, reach out to Boylan Lawyers for advice on how to proceed going forward. We can guide you through the next steps and help ascertain whether you need to go to family court.

Is your ex wife/ex husband delaying property settlement?

Occasionally, it may be the case that the other party in the divorce proceedings delays the process of property settlement. This can occur by disengaging from the disclosure procedure (not revealing assets, debts, bank accounts etc), refusing meditation or ignoring the whole process entirely.

If you have already written to your ex partner requesting a full disclosure and tried for mediation, there are avenues through the courts which can enforce the disclosure of assets and binding financial agreements. You can discuss all these issues with your Boylan Lawyers team.

Useful Information Links

You may need help dealing with a mix of emotions, making choices about what to do next and understanding the services or resources available to you.

Relationships Australia offer several comprehensive publications to answer many of your questions, and to direct you to a wide array of services:

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What about the Children?

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The Department of Human Services can refer you to services and support groups, as well as provide access to various information resources.

Support Services – Separated Families

Family Relationships Online, an Australian Government initiative, facilitates access to a range of services to help families manage relationship issues, including guiding families about arrangements for children after parents separate.

Roger Tinning assisted me with a very challenging property settlement. He performed exceptionally well under difficult circumstances and worked with me to achieve a good outcome. Roger tried his best to limit my costs and I appreciate his efforts doing so because the other side, being self-represented, had no regard for costs or the process and court orders.