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Disputed Estates


Have you been unexpectedly left out of Will?

Did your loved one have an outdated Will that didn’t include you?

Are you unsure of your rights or potential claim?

Do you just want to understand what to expect of the Executor?



What do I do if I’ve been left out of a Will?

If you are a family member who has been left out or not provided for adequately in a Will, then you need to act now to find out what can be done to protect your interests.

Boylan Lawyers understand the intricate problems that can arise if a Testator did not properly organise their Estate, or did not consider and provide for a family member.

A claim on an Estate can only be made 6 months from the date of a Grant of Probate.  If you have a claim, or think you might have a claim, then please contact us urgently.

What about the legal costs of a disputed Estate?

If you have a reasonable claim, then we advise you on the understanding that we will get paid upon the settlement of the matter. This is because in most cases the cost of a claim is paid from the Estate.

There is no risk to you to ask and our discussions are always confidential.