Hurting injured workers with impunity

Hurting injured workers with impunity

Injured Worker | Boylan Lawyers

Every South Australian worker is covered by workers compensation insurance which covers them if they are injured at work.

Our workers compensation law allows up to 2 years of wages as well as 3 years of medical expenses, rehabilitation, and a one-off payment of lump sum compensation if the Whole Person Impairment (“WPI”) from the injury is 5% or more.

South Australian workers with 30% WPI are called “Seriously Injured”. They are entitled to wages until retirement age and ongoing medical expenses. My Seriously Injured clients generally cannot work at all, need lots of help in their daily lives, and are in no position to support themselves or their families. Through no fault of their own they are significantly compromised.

Treasurer Rob Lucas is trying to change the way that WPI is assessed by changing the Impairment Assessment Guidelines. By doing it this way he avoids any scrutiny by the Parliament.

In most all cases the proposed changes will cut how much WPI injured workers are found to have. Rob Lucas is making it much harder for injured workers to get a lump sum payment or be considered Seriously Injured.

The changes will make life harder for our most vulnerable workers. It will affect their ability to recover from injuries, and return to work and the community. 

The Treasurer Rob Lucas should not be able to make such change unilaterally. Such changes must be kept in the ambit of Parliament to allow proper discussion and debate: not pushed through without proper consultation. 

There are over 750,000 employed persons in South Australia and their fate should not be left up to one person’s absolute discretion. We support a measure to ensure all changes to the Impairment Assessment Guidelines be assented to by the Parliament.

Been Unfairly Dismissed? Here’s what you need to do

Been Unfairly Dismissed? Here’s what you need to do

Unfair Dismissal | Boylan Lawyers

Seek legal advice – ASAP!

If you have a claim for Unfair Dismissal you have only 21 days from being told that you are dismissed to do so.


Keep a copy of any relevant documents

Gather up the documents your employer gave you, you will need these when speaking to your lawyer and to other parties that might be assisting you (e.g. Centrelink or Community Services).


Consult with your Doctor

It is a very distressing time, especially if you were injured or bullied or harassed at work. Make a prompt appointment with your GP to talk things over.


Rely on the support of your trusted family and friends

Losing your job can be a life changing event, the emotional support from your nearest and dearest will help you through such a difficult time.


Stay positive

Update your CV, register with job agencies and recruiters, network with trusted contacts in your industry, look for new jobs, explore training opportunities are just some ideas you might have. Taking constructive steps like these helps to boost your confidence, keep you busy and gives you a chance to put your best foot forward for the future.


For detailed and personal legal advice, that is based on your personal circumstances, make a time to speak with Boylan Lawyers today, do so without delay!