Family Law


Separation can be a difficult time for all involved. Even though people can be understanding and supportive, husbands, wives and children who experience the breakdown of a marriage or relationship still face an emotionally turbulent time.

Also, couples who have been separated for some time can find it difficult to agree on how to raise their children.

While it’s very important to have support from friends and family, it can also be useful to seek advice from a legal perspective, to give you an informed and objective opinion.

We can help you with your:

  • Parenting Plan
  • Divorce
  • Property Settlement



Mediation is almost always the best first step, no matter how impossible an agreement may seem. Also, in many cases, Alternative Dispute Resolution is required by the Court before legal proceedings can commence. There are many local organisations who offer mediation services.

If you are concerned about domestic violence, or a power imbalance, affecting your ability to engage in mediation, some organisations can overcome these problems by ensuring you don’t come face-to-face with your former partner. Engaging in such a process, as frightening or daunting as it may seem, can ultimately be very empowering.

Boylan Lawyers strongly recommend our clients attempt to engage in mediation as a first step. If people are able to resolve things through discussion, or partially resolve them, it is empowering for the individuals involved, and far less expensive and time-consuming than engaging lawyers.


What You Need To Know About Our Family Law Service

We will save you... not your ex!

We don't charge like wounded bulls, we protect your rights and get you what is fair.

We charge by the rate set by the Supreme Court and this makes sure our charges are fair and just;

When it comes to legal costs what really matters is who is in the driver's seat. Our lawyer’s jobs are not dependent on how much they charge and we do not have billing targets so there is no evil pressure on them to "charge, charge, charge";

We use the best technology and efficiency so that you get excellent legal service at the best possible value;

The only pressure we put on ourselves is to make sure we protect your rights

Can we help you with:

Children/Parenting Plans


Property Settlement