Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which the parties and their lawyers agree that they will not begin, or even threaten to begin, court proceedings. There is no court involvement.

The parties meet with their lawyers and share relevant information and documents rather than lawyers sending letter to each other.

The parties negotiate in a respectful manner and at their own pace and have much more control of the process.

The Collaborative Lawyers guide and facilitate the negotiation.

When necessary the parties can agree to involve other collaborative professionals to provide independent information and advice.

The Collaborative process can be used in any legal dispute including Family Law and Domestic Partnerships, contested Estates and Business Disputes.

With the Collaborative approach it is much more likely that the parties will be able to maintain a civil relationship after the matter is resolved. It assists parents to engage in cooperative parenting for the benefit of their children post separation.

We can assist you to inform the other party about the Collaborative process and the availability of other Collaborative Lawyers.

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