Legal Services Disability and NDIA Assistance

Would you like assistance from a legal team with personal experience in living and working with disabilities and dealing with the NDIA? Have you had your NDIA funding reduced or a claim rejected and need help obtaining your funding again?

Dealing with the NDIA

The NDIA has the power to review your funding and can make decisions to reject your claim for funding or to reduce the amount of funding you are to receive. If you have received a decision from the NDIA that has affected you, did you know you can review these decisions to get a better outcome for you? If your claim has been rejected or your funding reduced, then talk to us. Some of our lawyers care for family members with disabilities and have firsthand experience in dealing with the NDIA. We understand your concerns and we can help you navigate your way through the complicated process and assist in achieving a positive outcome for you.

NDIA Service Agreements

Are you a service provider or someone looking to be a service provider to the NDIA? The service agreement that you negotiate with a participant is critical to ensuring that you and the participant are clear on the expectations and services that will be delivered under that agreement and the NDIA recommends that you have a written service agreement with a participant. The NDIA can also take action against you if the terms of the agreement do not meet with its requirements under the NDIA Act. With experience in dealing with the NDIA and having firsthand experience in entering into service agreements, our lawyers can draft a clear, easy to understand and compliant agreement for you.

NDIA Reviews and Appeals

Our lawyers have extensive experience in negotiating outcomes and conducting reviews and appeals of matters in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. We are always looking for ways to resolve matters quickly to avoid the need for drawn-out and complicated legal processes.