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Boylan Lawyers has a proud history spanning 130-years servicing clients across South Australia, and more recently in Tasmania.

Boylan Lawyers is a law firm which services many areas of law including employment law, family law, conveyancing, wills and estates, workers compensation and more.

We put people first

We are committed to protecting the rights of all South Australians and Tasmanians from individuals, families, employees, retirees, professionals, farmers and small business owners.

Our team of legal experts based across metropolitan and regional South Australia and Tasmania work hard to protect your rights and provide you the best legal services possible.

Whilst our services are affordable, we do not compromise on the quality of our legal advice or client services.


Meet Our Partners

Our team of legal experts based across metropolitan, regional and remote South Australia and Tasmania work hard to protect your rights and provide you the best legal services possible.

Paul Boylan - Senior Partner

Paul Boylan established the Boylan Lawyers brand name over 30 years and has extensive experience across many legal sectors protecting his client’s rights. Paul Boylan now specialises in complex estate planning, commercial advice and family law.

Andrew Wright - Partner

Andrew Wright established WK Lawyers which merged with Boylan Lawyers in 2019. Now a Partner at Boylan Lawyers, Andrew Wright specializes in employment and workers compensation claims.


Sebastian Hill - Managing Partner

Sebastian Hill oversees all practice areas and operations. Sebastian specializes in family law, complex estate planning, estate disputes and intergenerational farming disputes and transfers.


Our History 


Boylan Lawyers has a proud 130-year history servicing clients across South Australia, and more recently in Tasmania.

Strathalbyn, 1884

The Mayor of Strathalbyn, Edward Jones Tucker, established a bustling law firm to protect the rights of those in his community. Mr Tucker served three terms as Strathalbyn’s Mayor and acted as the conveyancer, executor, and legal advisor to the residents of Strathalbyn and surrounds. Mr Tucker had an inspiring career in the law, being instrumental in the Married Women’s Property Bill which allowed females to own property. He was also the longest practicing solicitor in South Australia until his death in 1939. Mr Tucker’s firm was handed down to his son, which meant their family practiced from this firm for over 100 years.

Jeremy Moore was the next principal of the Strathalbyn firm, where he practiced for over 22 years. Mr Moore’s wife, Jane Moore joined the practice after being admitted as a legal practitioner. Mr Moore moved onto his role as President of the Guardianship Board and Jane Moore became Principal of the firm. Mrs Moore merged her firm with her brother Paul Boylan years later in 2013, which is when the Strathalbyn firm officially became part of Boylan Lawyers. Mrs Moore combined her experience as a counsellor with the Family Court of Australia and as a Senior Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to eventually act as a consultant for Boylan Lawyers.

Port Pirie, 1922

Clare Hannan established a small and successful law firm in the Southern Flinders Ranges city of Port Pirie, which serviced clients throughout northern South Australia. In 1939 Clare Hannan was joined in the practice by Miah O’Callaghan, a skilled lawyer whose experience involved matters that were heard in the High Court of Australia.

In 1982, Paul Boylan acquired Mr O’Callaghan’s firm and officially founded Boylan Lawyers. Paul Boylan led the Boylan Lawyers team to become the most well-known firm in the north of South Australia. In 2007, Sebastian Hill joined Boylan Lawyers and became a partner at the firm in 2012.

Dulwich, Coober Pedy, Elizabeth, Whyalla, 2011

After working for Boylan Lawyers in 2006 to 2008, Andrew Wright established his own firm WK Lawyers in Dulwich, Adelaide. WK Lawyers protected the rights of South Australian workers and brought innovative fee structures to the legal scene in South Australia. WK Lawyers established firms across South Australia in Dulwich, Coober Pedy, Elizabeth and Whyalla.

Adelaide, Victor Harbor, Port Augusta, 2014

Paul Boylan and Sebastian Hill expanded the firm even further in 2014, making their mark in Adelaide city, Victor Harbor and Port Augusta.

South Australia and Tasmania, 2019

In 2019, with shared values and goals, Boylan Lawyers and WK Lawyers merged to provide South Australians in metro, regional and remote locations access to highly experienced lawyers specializing in several practice areas. The burgeoning Boylan Lawyers firm expanded across waters to Tasmania, broadening the reach to quality legal advice.


Boylan Lawyers has nine offices, over 50 staff, and a broad range of services in Family Law, Wills and Estates, Conveyancing, Workers Compensation, Employment Law, Personal Injury, Superannuation, General Law and more. Boylan Lawyers have a presence in Adelaide, Elizabeth, Strathalbyn, Victor Harbor, Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Whyalla, Coober Pedy, and Hobart.

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Conveyancing and Property
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General Law
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Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)
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