Changes to conveyancing laws in South Australia: What you need to know

Changes to conveyancing laws in South Australia: What you need to know


Monday, June 23, 2014






Recently the Registrar-General of the Lands Titles Office introduced wide ranging reforms to how conveyancing is conducted in South Australia. These reforms are through the implementation of a compulsory “Verification of Identity” policy that applies to the majority of land transactions conducted after 28 April 2014 such as:

  • Transferring an estate or interest in land;
  • Mortgages;
  • A Transmission application (when executors apply to deal with the land in a deceased estate);
  • An application to Register Death by survivor (when land is held in joint names);
  • An application for replacement Certificate of Title or Crown Lease.

This policy provides stringent requirements to verify a person or company’s identity in dealings with land. As a result it protects individuals and businesses from being the victim of identity theft in land transfers.

Fraudulent land transactions are a real issue as was seen in August 2013 when Nigerian authorities arrested a Nigerian man attempting to make a fraudulent sale of a house in Western Australia.

Settlements will be delayed if Verification of Identity (“VOI”) has not taken place;Some key requirements of the policy are:

  • A face to face interview is required to conduct the VOI;
  • A solicitor, conveyancer or Authorised Deposit Taking Institution can perform a VOI and can perform the VOI on behalf of another organisation doing the conveyancing.
  • A number of identity documents must be produced such as passports, drivers licence, and a birth certificate;
  • The person verifying identity must sign a declaration they have taken “reasonable steps” to verify the identity of the party to the transaction;
  • A person verifying identity must have at least $1.5million indemnity and fidelity insurance cover per claim;
  • A VOI lasts 2 years before it must be renewed;

The practical requirement of the VOI Policy is it is more convenient for parties to a transaction to have their VOI conducted in the area they live.

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