Advanced Care Directive

An Advance Care Directive allows you to authorise another person (Substitute Decision-Maker) to make medical and lifestyle decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make those decisions for yourself.

Having an Advance Care Directive means that, prior to developing or suffering an illness or injury which may impair your decision-making capacity, you can choose one or more Substitute Decision-Makers and provide them with directions about the medical and lifestyle decisions you want them to make for you.

The Substitute Decision-Maker can only act on your behalf if you are not capable of making a particular decision, whether temporarily or permanently, and must always protect your interests.

You choose who you want to appoint as your Substitute Decision-Maker. If you are married, it is usual to appoint your spouse. It is also common to appoint an adult child or children if your spouse cannot act for you, or in addition to your spouse. Due to the nature of the decisions your Substitute Decision-Maker may be making for you, you should only appoint a trusted person who will carry out your wishes.

An Advance Care Directive allows you to exercise some control in a situation where one normally loses that ability and it is essential you consider executing this document before it becomes too late.


We charge:

  • $260 for a single person to get both an Enduring Power of Attorney and an Advanced Care Directive;
  • $440 for a couple to get both an Enduring Power of Attorney and an Advanced Care Directive.

If you do not have a current Will you might like to consider our Estate Planning Package which includes a Will, POA & ACD which costs $660 for a couple and $550 for a single person.

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