Debt Collection

Boylan Lawyers are experienced in collecting debts for business.

We offer a comprehensive service with over 30 years experience.

Experience our better service:

  • We conduct your file from beginning to end, including court appearances

    Debt collection agencies instruct agents, with limited information about your files, to appear in Court. But when it comes to Court appearances, Boylan Lawyers don’t instruct an agent. We have the knowledge of your files and each specific debtor. Often debtors return to Court on multiple occasions and we know who those debtors are. We use this knowledge to your advantage in any court hearing.

  • Fees that are not commission based

    Boylan Lawyers don’t charge commission. We also don’t charge for instructing an agent to appear in court or incur agent fees for doing so. These fees are unnecessary additions to the debtor’s debt that can often exasperate the payment problem rather than getting the debt paid.

  • Experience our comprehensive service to South Australia

    Boylan Lawyers have been servicing this region for over 30 years. We know the region and its people. We know how to communicate with your debtor to get the best results for you.

  • Better results from our deeper knowledge.

Boylan Lawyers will get your debt paid by using our knowledge of your file and the debtor.


Boylan Lawyers will:

  • Issue letters of demand which can be customised to suit your needs.
  • Negotiate payment, including pay arrangement agreements.
  • Secure payment of your debt.
  • Issue proceedings in the appropriate Court.
  • Attend Court and get the best result because we know all the details of your matter and the debtor.
  • Enforce your Judgement by sale of debtors goods or land, orders for regular payments or bankruptcy.
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